Why us?

We empower you by leveraging experiences but not liquadation risk.

Reliable Strategy

Technology and market depth to improve our investment process and develop new sophisticated trading models.

Promising Returns

High accuracy trend trading. Stable Limitation of max drawdown. Lower risk with resonable returns on bitcoin volatility.

Leading Security

Private account for every individual investor. Realtime monitoring profits. Redeming on schedule.

What about fund performance?

EI Fund investment strategy has been tested on historical data and live market. We've already got 188.38% returns since inception.

How does EI Fund work?

EI fund uses different investment strategies to generate returns on bitcoin futures. Suppose you already own bitcoin for investment. Every investor would have a individual account, and is able to track returns in realtime.

Who can invest in the EI Fund?

The fund is available to anyone who has bitcoin. Returns are calculated in bitcoin. The minimum investment is 1.00 bitcoins.

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